Press Releases and News  Letters

Press Release

02/02/25 Approval of venture firms' operations in communications and broadcasting field
~ New communications and broadcasting operations to be run by Unified Communications Inc. and Netdimension Corporation ~
02/02/22 Towards Fundamental Growth in IP Telephony Services- Announcement of the Report by the "Study Group on IP Network Technology" -
02/02/22 Opinions invited on partial revision of stipulation for details of telecommunications number regulations
02/02/22 Results of compliance inspection of firewall at time of NTT reorganization
02/02/21 Opinions invited on a partial amendment of Examination Standards for the Radio Law Partial amendment of Appendix 3
- Designation Standards for Identification Signals -
02/02/21 Supporting construction of local public networks as part of first revised budget of FY 2001
- Decision to fund to the "Regional intranet infrastructure construction" and the "Wide-area regional info-communications network infrastructure" -
02/02/20 Study Group on Interconnection Rules in the IT Era
02/02/15 Designation of Type 1 Telecommunications Carriers for which the Provision of Prohibited Practices and so on can be Applied Based on Article 37-2 (1) of the Telecommunications Business Law
- Inquiry to the Telecommunications Council and Opinions invited the Fundamental Concept Regarding the Designation -
02/02/15 Situation Regarding Settling of Disputes by Telecommunications Business Dispute Settlement Commission
02/02/15 Opening of the Workshop for the Long-run Incremental Cost Model
02/02/13 Permission for Installing cable television Broadcasting facilities
02/02/13 Second Report on Desirable Pro-Competitive Policies in the Telecommunications Business Field for Promoting the IT Revolution
02/02/08 TOKYO ELECTRIC POWER COMPANY INC. obtained permission of Type 1 Telecommunications Business
02/02/08 Request for Comments Concerning Guidelines for Internet Use and Business Range of Subsidiaries of the Japan Broadcasting Association
02/02/08 Transfer of a PHS business from ASTEL Shikoku Corporation to Shikoku Information and Telecommunication Network Company, Incorporated approved
~ Approval of complete transfer and taking over of all Type 1 telecommunications business ~
02/02/07 Situation Regarding Unauthorized Computer Access and State of R&D into Access Control Function Technology
02/02/06 Opinion of the Minister of Public Management, Home Affairs, Posts and Telecommunications Concerning Budget of revenue and expenditure for the Japan Broadcasting Corporation in 2002