Press Releases and News  Letters

Press Release

03/07/31 MPHPT announces situation regarding settling of disputes by Telecommunications Business Dispute Settlement Commission
03/07/31 Reception measure areas for August as part of the measures for changing analog frequencies ahead of the start of terrestrial digital broadcasting
03/07/31 MPHPT announces results of invitation to comment on the introduction of a digital communications format for amateur stations
03/07/30 MPHPT receives report from Telecommunications Council about Radio Policy Vision
03/07/30 MPHPT receives third interim report from Telecommunications Council on Internet policy direction in 21st century
03/07/30 MPHPT announces reports concerning the calculation of financial compensation for the reallocation of the radio spectrum.
03/07/29 MPHPT announces results of invitation to comment on draft cabinet order for the partial amendment of the Ordinance for the Enforcement of the Radio Law
03/07/28 Three titles added to the educational materials available for loan to elementary school children to improve their media literacy
03/07/25 MPHPT announces fiscal year 2002 performance survey on the full use of closed-caption broadcasting
03/07/25 "Study group on next-generation R&D networks toward an era of ubiquitous networks" compiles the report --Toward realization of next-generation R&D test bed networks --
03/07/25 Interim report from Round-Table Conference on Info-Communications Software announced
03/07/25 MPHPT supports regional public network construction with fiscal year 2003 budget
03/07/24 A report compiled for the realization of Japan-developed new IT Network-Robots
03/07/23 MPHPT Invites to comment concerning partial amendment to radio equipment regulations and regulations for compatibility certification of technical standards for specified radio equipment, as well as partial amendment to Frequency Assignment Plan
03/07/23 MPHPT submits inquiry to Radio Regulatory Council concerning partial amendment to regulations for the introduction of new wireless access systems in the 18GHz frequency band
03/07/23 MPHPT receives report on provisional permit for satellite broadcasting station operating at Mobile Broadcasting Corporation - Looking ahead to the start of satellite digital audio broadcasting using the 2.6-GHz frequency band -
03/07/18 MPHPT invites to comments concerning draft report from Study Group on Telecommunications Numbers
03/07/16 MPHPT approves business plans for venture companies in the communications and broadcasting fields
03/07/14 MPHPT invites comments concerning amendment of regulations on measures to deal with leakage of signals being transmitted through telecommunications circuits
03/07/14 MPHPT announces report from study group on methods for evaluating competition in the telecommunications fields as IP evolves
03/07/04 MPHPT announces 2003 Report Concerning the Current Status of Information and Communications (White Paper 2003 Information and Communications in Japan)
03/07/03 Special Department for Radio Policy announces the results of invitation of public comments on the draft report on Radio Policy Vision
03/07/03 MPHPT decides on Junko KUBO as goodwill ambassador to WSIS
03/07/02 MPHPT announces interim report from IT venture study group
03/07/01 MPHPT announces report from Study Group for Ensuring Important Telecommunications in the Telecommunications Business, as well as future approach taking into consideration earthquake off the coast of Miyagi Prefecture