Press Releases and News  Letters

Press Release

03/03/31 MPHPT decides on subsidies for the subsidy fund for model projects for computerization (e-town building subsidy funds) from fiscal 2002 supplementary budget
03/03/31 Support for construction of regional public broad-band networks as part of supplementary FY 2002 budget
03/03/31 CRYPTREC Advisory Committee FY 2002 report released
03/03/31 MPHPT approves fiscal year 2003 business plans for NTT companies
03/03/28 MPHPT partially amends regulations for interconnection charges
03/03/28 Formulation of "Asia Broadband Program"
03/03/25 MPHPT announces report on information and communications policy session
03/03/19 Inquiry to the Radio Regulatory Council -- Looking ahead to the improvement of mobile ID systems --
03/03/19 MPHPT receives report on technical conditions for wireless access system for public services using quasi-millimeter band frequency -- Looking to the installation of wireless networks by local public bodies etc.--
03/03/14 MPHPT receives report concerning revisions to the Guidelines for Use of Poles, Ducts, Conduits and Similar Facilities Owned by Public Utilities
03/03/06 MPHPT to set up IT venture study group
03/03/06 MPHPT approves merger between Tokyo Telecommunications Network Co., Inc. and POWEREDCOM Inc.
03/03/04 MPHPT to set up round-table conference on info-communications software