May 16, 2001

Japan-U.K. Collaboration Confirmed toward Realization of the Next-Generation Info-communications User Environment Includin 4G"

(Unofficial Translation)

MPHPT and the U.K. Department of Trade and Industry held "the 17th Japan-U.K. Bilateral Meeting " in London, and actively exchanged wide-ranging opinions in the info-communications field. At the Meeting , the two countries agreed upon to cooperate in the following issues toward the realization of a next-generation info-communications user environment.

The use of the Internet has increased in households, offices and companies.
Along with this, households' PC ownership ratio has grown. As regards companies, installation of LANs and intranets has been developed.

  1.   Realization of fourth-generation mobile communications system (4G) and promotion of global standardization
    The two countries will collaboratively promote: i) the realization of 100-Mbps class (speed of IMT-2000: maximum 2Mbps in both uplink and downlink) ultrahigh-speed mobile Internet environment, which enables high-definition moving picture transmission and advanced mobile commerce, as well as ii) global standardization thereof, through exchanges of information.

  2.   Promotion of global distribution of digital content
    In order to promote content production and its global distribution in the digital broadcasting age, both sides will cooperate in such areas as global standardization of the next-generation IP-based protocol.*

  3.   Reforms and accelerated procedures of ITU
    Based on the recognition that it is crucial, in order to quickly meet demands of the global info-communications market, to speed up ITU activities, especially to improve the speed of standardization activities and decision-making of the ITU General Secretariat, the two nations will collaborate to accelerate promotion thereof.

  1.   Date: May 14 and 15, 2001
  2.   Place: U.K. Department of Trade and Industry (London)
  3.   Participants:
    Japan: Mr. Kouji Hamada, Vice-Minister for International Affairs, MPHPT, and other officials
    U.K.: Mr. Bill Macintyre, Director, Communications and Information Industries Directorate, Department of Trade and Industry, and other officials