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Measures and policies, reports from study groups, statistical data, results of international conferences and similar information, including press releases from government bureaus, concerning Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications (the Information and Communications Policy Bureau and the Telecommunications Bureau) telecommunications policies are delivered through e-mail and published on this home page biweekly in principal.
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No.24, March, 2002
  • Second Report on Desirable Pro-Competitive Policies in the Telecommunications Business Field for Promoting the IT Revolution
  • Interim Report of the "Study Group on New Business Models and the Grand Design of Competitive Environments for the New Information and Communications Era" Released
  • Toward Realization of Optimal Frequency Allocation
  • "Study Group on IP Network Technology" Compiles Report
  • "Study Group into Space Communications for the Formation of an Advanced Information and Telecommunications Network Society" Releases Final Report
  • "Third International Forum on Advanced Satellite Communications in the Asia-Pacific Region" Held in Tsukuba City
  • "2002 Forum on the Results of the POST-PARTNERS Experiments" Held
No.23, February, 2002
  • "Study Group on Countermeasures against Unsolicited/Nuisance E-mails" Compiles an Interim Report
  • Addition of Typical Business Examples to "Guidelines Concerning the Distinction between Communications and Broadcasting in Converging New Services that Utilize Communications Satellites"
  • Analysis of Information and Communications Technology's Economic Effects Communications Industry Increases Revenues by 2.8% in FY2000
  • Communications Industry Increases Revenues by 2.8% in FY2000
  • Communications Industry Increases Revenues by 4.3% in the II Quarter of FY2001
No.22, January, 2002
  • MPHPT Minister KATAYAMA Visits Korea and China
  • "Research Group on Disclosure, Etc. of Radio Spectrum Use" Compiles a Report
  • "Study Group on R&D of Standard Time Validation and Time-stamping Services" Held
  • First Report of "Study Group on Broadcasting Policy" Released
No.21, January, 2002
  • New Senior Vice-Ministers and Parliamentary Secretaries Appointed
  • The Seventh Japan-France Regular Bilateral Consultation Held
  • Agreement on Mutual Recognition between Japan and the European Community Enacted
  • Telecommunications Business Dispute Settlement Commission Established
  • Report from "Study Group on Security and Reliability of 3G Mobile Communications Systems" Released
No.20, January, 2002
  • Promoting Collaborative Experiment of IPv6/Satellite Internet
  • "Basic Approach for Assessment of the Possibility of Hindrance to Securing of Fair Competition in Telecommunications Business" Published
  • Participants from ITU-Workshop Visit MPHPT
  • FY2000 Japan's Communications Usage Trends in Traffic Surveyed
  • Introduction of Airborne Collision Avoidance System (ACAS) for Small Airplanes
No.19, December 24, 2001
  • Japan-Finland Joint Announcement on Mobile Internet Released
  • Publication of "Guidelines for Promotion of Competition in the Telecommunications Business Field"
  • The "Study Group on Future Prospects of Ubiquitous Network Technology" Held
  • Results of the First Survey of FY2001 Telecommunications Service Monitors
  • CDMA High-Speed Mobile Communications System to Be Introduce
No.18, December 10, 2001
  • The Seventh Japan-China Regular Bilateral Consultation Held
  • he 11th Japan-Canada Regular Bilateral Consultation Held
  • "Panel on Future Image of Broadcasting in Broadband Age" to Be Held
No.17, November 26, 2001
  • Digital Opportunity Forum (Asian Diversity and the Role of Japan) Held
  • "Study Group on the New Business Methods and the Grand Design of the Competitive Environment for the New Information and Communications Era" Held
  • Public Comments Invited on Issues Concerning NHK's Subsidiaries, Etc.
  • The First Meeting of the "Study Group on Information Security Business and Collaboration between Public and Private Sectors" Held
  • Toward the Introduction of a Wireless Access System to High-Speed Internet
  • Special Training Course "Promotion of Local Informatization" Held
No.16, November 15, 2001
  • National Broadband Initiative
  • Program for Promotion of e-Government at National and Local Levels
  • Introduction of Broadband Mobile Access System Using Quasi-Millimeter Band Frequency
  • Toward Advancement of Wireless System Using 2.4GHz Band
  • The Sixth ITU-R WP8F Meeting in Toky
No.15, October 29, 2001
  • Minister Toranosuke Katayama Visits France and Finland
  • Mr. Liu Dong, President and CEO of the Beijing Internet-networking Institute (BII), Visits MPHPT and Delivers Speech
  • "Study Group on the Next-Generation Closed Caption" Held
  • FY2000 Revenues and Expenditures of General Broadcasters and Cable TV Operators
  • Communications Industry Shows Sales Growth by 8.8% in Q-I FY2001
No.14, October 15, 2001
  • Senior Vice-Minister Kosaka Attends the 3rd GBDe Conference
  • Survey on Price Variances between Domestic and Overseas Telecommunications Services
No.13, October 8, 2001
  • Publication of "Guidelines for Promotion of Competition in the Telecommunications Business Field" (Draft)
  • Japan-Finland Ministerial Meeting and the Third Policy Discourse
  • Outline of Survey on Price Variances between Domestic and Overseas Telecommunications Services
No.12, September 24, 2001
  • IT Policy Principles
  • Indian IT and Communications Minister Pramod Mahajan Pays Courtesy Visit to Senior Vice-Minister Kosaka
  • Experiments of IAA System Successfully Concluded
No.11, September 10, 2001
  • Promotion Measures for Nationwide Construction of High/Ultrahigh-speed Internet
  • Toward Diffusion of Websites with Excellent Accessibility
  • Facilities and Equipment Investment by Communications Industry Totals 3.8 Trillion Yen in FY2000, Scheduled to Reach 4.1 Trillion Yen Total in FY2001
No.10, August 20, 2001
  • Internet Policy Direction in the 21st Century
  • Second Report on "Interconnection Rules in the IT Age"
  • "Study Group on the Formation of Network Distribution Market of Digital Content"
  • World's Fastest Realtime VLBI Experiment Successful
No.9, July 30, 2001
  • "Study Group on Business Model over Next-Generation Mobile Communications System" Compiles a Report
  • Outlook for Future Mobile Communication Systems
  • Toward Realization of Server-type Broadcasting System
No.8, July 30, 2001
  • Law to Amend Telecommunications Business Law, NTT Law and Related Laws Passed the Diet on June 15
  • "Study Group Concerning Policies for the Preparation of a Mobile Content Business Environment" Compiles a Report
  • Advanced Use of PHS (Personal Handyphone System) and Efficient Use of Frequencies to Be Promoted
No.7, July 16, 2001
  • Regular Personnel Changes
  • "Study Group on Security and Reliability of Third-Generation Mobile Communications Systems" Held
  • "Study Group on IP Network Technology" Held
  • Basic Research 21 for Breakthroughs in Info-communications
No.6, July 2, 2001
  • Penetration of Cable TV
  • Countermeasures against Advertisement, SPAM and Other Unwanted Mails Sent to Mobile Telephone Terminals
  • Deliberation on CDMA2000 1xEV-DO System Started at the Telecommunications Council
  • First Meeting of "Promotion Conference on Quantum Communications Research" Held
  • Introduction of Broadband Mobile Access System Using Quasi-millimeter Band Frequency
No.5, June 18, 2001
  • Japan-Korea Collaboration Confirmed in the Info-communications Field Including 4G
  • Introductory Phase Service of FOMA 3G Mobile Communications Launched
  • MPHPT Requested NTT to Formulate Voluntary Action Plans to Promote Competition in the Telecommunications Market
  • CRYPTREC Advisory Committee Held
  • Conformity of Existing Mobile Telephone Terminals with Radio-Radiation Protection Guidelines Confirmed
No.4, June 4, 2001
  • Japan-U.K. Collaboration Confirmed toward Realization of the Next-Generation Info-communications User Environment Including 4G
  • Coping with Advertisement, SPAM and Other Unwanted Mails Sent to Mobile Telephone Terminals via Internet Services
  • Results of the Second Survey of FY2000 Telecommunications Service Monitors
  • Number of DSL Service Lines
No.3, May 21, 2001
  • Vice-Minister Hamada Holds Press Conference on "ITU and Global Standardization of Info-communications"
  • Number of Internet Users in CY2000 Reaches 47,080,000
  • Results of "CY 2000 Communications Usage Trend Survey" Compiled
  • Report Compiled by the Research Meeting for Next-Generation Broadcasting
  • Survey on "Overall Results on Japan's Communications Industry" (Third Quarter of FY2000)
  • ITU Reform for Meeting Market Demands
No.1 and 2, APR 23, 2001
  • Law Concerning Electronic Signatures and Certification Services Enforced
  • "L-mode" Services of NTT Regional Companies to Be Permitted
  • Toward Implementation of Higher-quality R&D
  • Toward Advancement of CDMA Cellular Telephone Systems Using 800MHz Band
  • Toward Advancement of Wireless System Using 2.4GHz Band
  • Report on the "Guideline for Use of Utility Poles, Ducts, Conduits, etc. in the Telecommunications Field"
  • Introduction of the Radio-radiation Protection Regulation on Cellular Phone Devices Intended for Use in Close Proximity to the Side of the Head