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Measures and policies, reports from study groups, statistical data, results of international conferences and similar information, including press releases from government bureaus, concerning Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications (the Information and Communications Policy Bureau and the Telecommunications Bureau) telecommunications policies are delivered through e-mail and published on this home page biweekly in principal.
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No.24, March 28, 2003
  • Second Meeting of the World Summit on the Information Society Preparatory Committee (PrepCom 2) Successfully Concluded
  • "Japan-EU Bilateral Consultation" and "Japan EU ICT Symposium" Held
  • "Study Group on Optimal Area Construction for Cellular Telephone Services" Announces Report
  • Communications Usage Trend Survey in 2002 Compiled
  • "Study Group on Desirable Next-Generation R&D Networks toward Ubiquitous Network Age" Held
No.23, March 17, 2003
  • APT Conference Preparatory Group Meeting for ITU World Radiocommunication Conference (WRC)
  • Holding of "Study Group concerning Information Privacy in the Telecommunications Business Field"
  • Final Report of "Study Group on Broadcasting Policy" (Outline)
  • "List of the e-Government recommended cryptographic techniques" Adopted
No.22, February 28, 2003
  • "Roundtable Conference on the Future Aspects of Broadcasting in the Broadband Age" Compiles "Second Action Plan for the Promotion of Digital Broadcasting"
  • "Global Information Summit 2003" Held
  • Number of Subscribers to DSL Services Hits the 6-million Mark
No.21, February 17, 2003
  • "Japan-UK Consultation" and "Japan-UK Ubiquitous Networks Roundtable" Successful
  • Toward Advancement of Wireless System Using 2.4-GHz Band
  • Revision of Cable TV Technical Standards for Meeting New Reception Modes Including Digital Broadcasting
  • Mr. Kalman Kovacs, Hungarian Minister of Information and Communication, Pays Courtesy Visit to Minister KATAYAMA
No.19-20, February 4, 2003
  • Results of the Asia-Pacific Regional Conference for the World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS)
  • Joint Statement with Malaysia and Memorandum with Thailand
  • First Report of the "Study Group on Policies Concerning the Effective Radio Spectrum Use" Announced
  • Final Report of "Study Group Concerning Satellite Broadcasting" Announced
  • Regular Personnel Change
No.18, December 27, 2002
  • Summary by the Chair of the "International Conference for Asia Broadband Strategy" and the Report of the "Study Group for the Asia Broadband Program" Announced
  • Advanced Radio Technology Symposium 2002 Held
  • OECD Secretary-General Donald Johnston Pays Courtesy Visit on Senior Vice-Minister KATO
No.17, December 12, 2002
  • Director-General ISHIHARA Attends 2002 China NGN Forum & IPv6 Interoperability Event
  • Communications Industry Forecasts Sales Increase
  • ITU Secretary-General UTSUMI Holds Lecture Meeting on WSIS
No.16, November 21,2002
  • The Japan-Finland Policy Dialogue and IT Symposium Held
  • "Study Group on Broadcast Program Production in the Broadband Age" Held
  • Special Training Course "Promotion of Local Informatization" Held
No.15, November 6,2002
  • "Study Group on Approaches to Dealing with Malicious Communications" Releases Report
  • Licensing Policies for Terrestrial Digital TV Broadcasting Stations Set Forth
  • Toward Advanced Low-Power Radio Systems
No.14, October 21, 2002
  • New Senior Vice-Ministers and Parliamentary Secretaries Appointed
  • Mr. UTSUMI Re-elected for a Second Term as Secretary-General of ITU
  • ICT Cooperation among Japan, China and Korea to Be Strengthened
  • Toward Introduction of Ultra-Wideband Radio Systems
No.13, October 7, 2002
  • Policy on Calculation of Interconnection Charges Based on the Revised LRIC Model
  • FY2001 Survey Results on Price Variances between Domestic and Overseas Telecommunications Services Compiled
  • The Fifth Japan-Sweden Policy Dialogue Held
  • Meeting Held between Minister KATAYAMA and French Minister Delegate for Industry Nicole FONTAINE, Attached to the Minister for the Economy, Finance and Industry
No.12, September 24, 2002
  • Second Interim Report of the Telecommunications Council on the "Internet Policy Direction in the 21st Century"
  • "Study Group on Methods for Evaluating Competition in the Telecommunications Fields as IP Evolves" to Be Held
  • "International Conference on Globalization of Information" Held in China
No.10-11, September 9, 2002
  • Focusing on Priority Areas in FY2003 Budget
  • Inquiry Concerning Development of Radio Policy Vision to Telecommunications Council
  • Frequency Assignment Plan for Microwave Bands to Be Amended
  • Telecommunications Council Compiles Report on "Desirable R&D Approach for Ensuring Technological Competitiveness Pertaining to Information and Communications Technology in Japan"
  • Mr. Reuven Rivlin, Israeli Minister of Communications Pays Courtesy Visits to Minister KATAYAMA and Vice-Minister for Policy Coordination TSUKIO
No.9, August 12, 2002
  • Report on "Interconnection Rules in the IT Age" Released
  • Interim Report from the Study Group Concerning Satellite Broadcasting Released
  • "Study Group on Network-human Interface" Compiles Report
  • Results of the Second Meeting of "China-Japan-Republic of Korea ICT Working Group at DG Level" and "Japan-China Policy Dialogue on Regulations and Pro-Competitive Policies"
  • Regular Personnel Changes
No.8, July 29, 2002
  • "International Conference for Asia Broadband Strategy" and "Study Group for the Asia Broadband Program" Held
  • Survey Results of Study on Telework and SOHO Announced
  • MPHPT and Moroccan Secretary of State in Charge of Posts, Telecommunication and Information Technologies, Nasr Hajji Sign MoU
No.7, July 15, 2002
  • Toward Diffusion of Time Business
  • Release of White Paper 2002 "Information and Communications in Japan"
  • "Study Group on Policies Concerning the Effective Radio Spectrum Use" Compiles an Interim Report
No.6, July 1, 2002
  • Public Comments Invited on Preliminary Draft of the Final Report of the "Special Department for Desirable Pro-Competitive Policies in the Telecommunications Business Field for Promoting the IT Revolution"
  • "Study Group on New Business Models and Grand Design of Competitive Environments for the New Information and Communications Era" Releases Final Report
  • "Study Group on Future Prospects of Ubiquitous Network Technology" Compiles Report
No.5, june 17, 2002
  • APEC TELMIN 5 Successfully Concluded
  • Japan-China Telecommunications Policies Dialogue Held
  • Communications Usage Trend Survey in 2001 Compiled
  • The 27th Conference of the AIC Successfully Closed
  • "Study Group on Policies to Provide Consumers with Support in Telecommunications Field" Compiles Report
No.4, june 3, 2002
  • "Study Group on the Next-Generation Closed Caption" Releases Report
  • Establishment of the "e-Policy Support Network of Japan"
  • 3-D Route Guide Using 3D-GIS Demonstrated
No.3, May 20, 2002
  • Results of ITU Council 2002
  • The Ninth Japan-Germany Regular Bilateral Consultation Held
  • CRYPTREC Advisory Committee Report FY2001 Released
  • Telecommunications Council Submits Report Concerning Technical Conditions for 5 GHz Band Wireless Access System
  • Chairman Klaus SCHWAB of WEF Visits MPHPT
Nos.1-2, April 30, 2002
  • Report Compiled by the Study Group on Long-Run Incremental Cost Model
  • Toward Diversified Applications of Wireless Card Systems
  • "Study Group on Telecommunications Number of FY 2002" Held
  • "Study Group Concerning Satellite Broadcasting" Held
  • Results of Japan-China Policy Dialogue on Regulations and Pro-Competitive Policies
No.7, July 15, 2002
  • Toward Diffusion of Time Business
  • Release of White Paper 2002 "Information and Communications in Japan"
  • "Study Group on Policies Concerning the Effective Radio Spectrum Use" Compiles an Interim Report
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