Press Release-Telecom
October 1, 2009

Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications

Verification Testing of a Program to Diagnose the Introduction of Telework

Would you study the introduction of telework at your workplace?

The Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications (MIC) has developed the Program to Diagnose the Introduction of Telework for the many companies, managers of local public organizations, and human resource managers who are studying the introduction telework, to diagnose the aptitude of introducing telework in their company and for the MIC to offer reference information regarding the introduction of telework.
This program will be published, and in addition to being widely used by many companies and local public organizations which are studying the introduction of telework, verification tests will also be conducted. Companies that would like to make a diagnosis with the program, or obtain reference information, please refer to the separate attachment.

Telework is a system which utilizes information communication technology for a free way of working which is not constricted by place or time. The recent advances in information communication technology and the spread of broadband have made it possible to telework whenever and wherever.


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