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April 27, 2010

Appeal for Opinions concerning Bulletin Plan for Partial Revision of Broadcasting Frequency Use Project

The Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications (MIC) has drawn up a bulletin plan for partial revision of the Broadcast Frequency Use Project (1988 Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications Bulletin No. 661) concerning terrestrial digital television broadcasting in Hyogo prefecture. Opinions on this revision plan are being sought between April 28 (Wed) and May 27 (Thu), 2010.

1. Reasons for revisions

Revisions affecting digital channel in Miki, Hyogo prefetcure (newly established relay station)
Reception of NHK and Kinki region-wide commercial digital broadcasting in Miki city, Hyogo prefecture and neighboring regions is made possible by broadcasting transmissions from the relay station in Miki (Miki Digital Channel).
However, Miki Digital Channel is not established for regional commercial broadcasting in Hyogo prefecture, hence there is a need for reception of broadcasting from the master stations established in Kobe (positioned on Mt. Maya) and other locations, but the strength of such signals is hampered by topography and other factors, and as a result some areas suffer poor reception.
Therefore, in order to provide satisfactory reception of terrestrial digital broadcasting in the areas affected, revision of the Broadcast Frequency Use Project is to be made because of the need for establishing a relay station for new regional broadcasting of commercial broadcasts in Hyogo prefecture via Miki Digital Channel.

2. Targets of appeal for opinions

Bulletin plan for partial revision of the Broadcast Frequency Use Project (table comparing new and old versions)

3. Outline of appeal for proposals

As stated here.

4. Schedule hereafter

Based on the opinions received, an inquiry concerning the bulletin plan for partial revision of the Broadcast Frequency Use Project will be submitted to the Radio Regulatory Council.


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