Press Release-Telecom
October 30, 2010

Notes Exchanged with Indonesian Ministry of Communications concerning Cooperation in Information and Communications Field

 On October 30, 2010, Yoshihiro Katayama, Minister of Internal Affairs and Communications, held a dialogue with Mr. Tifatul Sembiring, Indonesia's Minister for Communications, who was in Japan to attend the APEC Meeting of Telecommunications and Information Cabinet Ministers. During this dialogue, it was agreed that a comprehensively cooperative relationship would be promoted with regard to the information and communications field (broadcasting and telecommunications) in Japan and Indonesia, and notes were exchanged to this effect.
 The core details of the notes exchanged are described below.

Fields for cooperation

(1) Information and Communications Technology (ICT)
(2) Telecommunications
(3) Broadcasting
(4) Personnel training, career development, etc.

Forms of cooperation

(1) Information sharing and exchanges of ideas between people and government towards development of information and communications services and ICT infrastructures
(2) Exchanges of ideas concerning information and communications policy and regulations
(3) Cooperation regarding electronic government and network security
(4) Promotion of cooperation between broadcasters
(5) Promotion of personnel training and career development in the ICT field

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