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November 7, 2011

Outcome of Japan-UK ICT Policy Dialogue

 With the expansion of economic activity using the Internet and the increasing necessity of international cooperation in the information and communications field, the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications (MIC), the UK Department for Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS), and the UK Office of Communications (Ofcom) held the “Japan-UK ICT Policy Dialogue” in London (UK) on November 4, 2011, to facilitate a broad exchange of opinions regarding matters of policy with a view to strengthening the cooperative relationship between Japan and the UK in the information and communications field.

1. Date of conference: November 4 (Fri), 2011
2. Venue: London (United Kingdom) (Ofcom)
3. Attendees:
Japanese delegation: Tetsuo Yamakawa (Vice-Minister for Policy Coordination), Masahiro Yoshizaki (Director-General for Policy Evaluation), Kimihiko Kimura (Director for New Competition Policy, Telecommunications Policy Division), Atsushi Umino (Director for International Policy Coordination, International Policy Division), et al.
UK delegation: Jon Zeff (Director of Media, DCMS), Simon Towler (Deputy Director, Broadband, Spectrum and Europe and International ICT, DCMS), Stuart McIntosh (Executive Board Member, Ofcom), et al.
4. Agenda
(1) Broadband policy
(2) Points at issue relating to international Internet policy
(3) Spectrum Auctions for 4G services in the UK
(4) Digital Switchover
(5) Great East Japan Earthquake and ICT
5. Results
An outline of the policy dialogue can be found in the attachment.
 Outline of policy dialogue(PDF:31KB)

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