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September 27, 2013

Statement by the Minister for Internal Affairs and Communications on the decision of the Japanese System for Digital Terrestrial Television Broadcasting

by the Government of the Republic of Honduras

On September 26 (local time), the Republic of Honduras decided upon the adoption of the ISDB-T(Integrated Services Digital Broadcasting - Terrestrial) as a standard for digital terrestrial television broadcasting.
This is the sixteenth adoptee of the standard included Japan.

In July, I held a meeting in Brasilia with H.E. Mr. Bernardo, Minister for Ministry of Communications. We agreed we will enhance strategic co-operation on promoting ISDB-T, and signed related Memorandums of Understanding. The adoption of the ISDB-T by Honduras was achieved through “the Forum of Digital Terrestial Television” which was held in August and was supported by Japan and Brazil, taking into account the meeting in July. This is the favorable results obtained by collaboration between Japan and Brazil.

MIC sincerely welcomes the adoption of the ISDB-T by the Government of the Republic of Honduras, and will continue to provide support such as technical assistance and human resources development toward the smooth introduction of ISDB-T in the Republic of Honduras.

MIC has committed to work on the promotion of the ISDB-T as an important part of the ICT global strategy of Japan. MIC will continue to focus on promotion of the ISDB-T.

SHINDO, Yoshitaka
  The Minister for Internal Affairs and Communications


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