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September 1, 2014

Results of the 24th Asia-Pacific Telecommunity Standardization Program (ASTAP) Forum

Election of Mr. Yoichi Maeda as Next Chairman
From Wednesday, August 27 to Friday, August 29, 2014, the 24th Asia-Pacific Telecommunity Standardization Program (ASTAP) Forum was held in the Kingdom of Thailand (Bangkok). On August 29, 2014, Mr. Yoichi Maeda (CEO & S.V.P, the Telecommunication Technology Committee (TTC)) was elected from Japan as next chairman of ASTAP.

1. Place and schedule of the Forum

(1) Place: Kingdom of Thailand (Bangkok)
(2) Schedule: August 27 (Wednesday) to August 29 (Friday), 2014

2. Outline

ASTAP (Asia-Pacific Telecommunity Standardization Program) is a conference held by the APT (Asia-Pacific Telecommunity)*1 with the aim of deliberating the cooperation in the Asia-Pacific region for international standardization of ICT and the collaboration for disseminating ICT services in Asia-Pacific countries.
At this meeting, the participants shared information and held discussions on trends of the ITU-T (International Telecommunication Union Telecommunication Standardization Sector). In addition, the expert group held discussions for creating a handbook explaining the roles played by ICT systems in education, medical care, agriculture, forestry and fishery, environmental services and disaster prevention in rural areas and actual case examples of their utilization for the purpose of promoting the introduction of those systems, and for completing a technical report including case examples of utilizing smart grid in each country by the next Forum.

3. Election of next chairman

At this Forum, a next ASTAP chairman, Mr. Yoichi Maeda, was elected from Japan upon the expiration of the term. He is the first Japanese chairman of ASTAP. The term is two years from 2015.
Mr. Maeda has served as CEO & S.V.P at the Telecommunication Technology Committee (TTC) since 2010. Mr. Maeda has made a significant contribution to international standardization of ICT by serving as deputy-chairman of the ITU-T SG13 from 2000 to 2004, as chairman of the ITU-T SG15 from 2004 to 2012, and as chairman of the ITU-T Review Committee from 2012 until now.


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