November 2, 2004

Ministry of Internal Affairs and

MIC announces results of invitation to comment concerning putting in place a procedure for the implementation of smooth engineering stream broadcasting

The MIC believes that it is vital to implement even faster and smoother engineering stream broadcasting for the sound development of digital satellite broadcasting, and so is taking the necessary steps to bring this about. The MIC prepared a draft amendment of the MPT Announcement No. 776 of 1999 and invited comments from October 4 until 29.

As a result, comments were received from 17 people, with 17 comments in agreement with the draft amendment. The MIC is taking the results of the invitation to comment into consideration and plans to go ahead with amendment of the announcement promptly.

* Engineering stream is a broadcasting method for the downloading of the latest and best-adapted software necessary for normal functioning of digital satellite broadcast receivers, and is therefore vital to the stable reception of whole digital satellite broadcasting.

Outline of Amendment:
The volume of information broadcasted by engineering stream broadcasting is expected to grow. When broadcasters need to increase the transmission volume that was authorized at the time of approval for the broadcast program-supplying in order to carry out smooth engineering stream broadcasting, it shall be approved if the increase of the transmission volume does not interfere with attaining the goal of the number of broadcast programs set by the Basic Broadcasting Plan.
(Reference 5 of draft 2 of amended announcement)

Future Plans:
The MIC will take the results of the invitation to comment concerning this draft announcement into consideration, and promptly go ahead with the amendment and enforce it immediately after the announcement.

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