September 12, 2007

Radio Regulatory Council Consulted and Public Comment Invited on Draft MIC Notice to Partially Amend the Frequency Assignment Plan

Frequency allocation in conjunction with complete digitization of analog terrestrial television broadcasting
MIC has developed a draft MIC notice to partially amend the Frequency Assignment Plan (MPT Notice No. 746 of 2000) to clarify the use of the frequency bands to be vacated due to the termination of analog terrestrial television broadcasting on July 24, 2011. MIC today consulted the Radio Regulatory Council on the draft notice.
MIC also invites public comment thereon from today until Friday, October 12, 2007.

1. Background of the amendment
The number of radio stations in Japan has surpassed 100 million as of the end of January 2006. Popularization and use of various forms of radio systems, such as mobile phone, wireless LAN, and RFID, are constantly expanding.

To deal with this expanding demand for radio waves, MIC, based on the Radio Policy Vision (Telecommunications Council Report of July 30, 2003), has been implementing a variety of measures for optimizing this limited and precious resource. The measures include thorough reviews of the frequency assignment system and the spectrum user fee system, development of new open spectrum systems, and promotion of research and development.

Regarding the review of frequency assignment among these measures, an extensive radio spectrum reallocation is required for efficient use of the portions of the VHF/UHF band frequencies that will be vacated when the digitalization of analog terrestrial television broadcasting is completed in 2011. The Telecommunications Council submitted its report on the technical requirements for efficient use of VHF/UHF bands on June 27, 2007.
Based on the council report, the draft amendment to the Frequency Assignment Plan was developed to partially change the assignment plan for frequency bands that are currently used for terrestrial VHF/UHF television broadcasting.

2. Outline of the draft MIC notice
90108 MHzmegahertz: broadcasting other than television broadcasting (from July 25, 2011; no change)
170205 MHzmegahertz: mobile service for public activities and general activities (from July 25, 2011)
205222 MHzmegahertz: broadcasting other than television broadcasting (from July 25, 2011)
710730 MHzmegahertz: land mobile service for telecommunications activities, public activities, and general activities (a 10 MHzmegahertz band is to be used for Intelligent Transport Systems) (from July 25, 2012)
730770 MHzmegahertz: land mobile service for telecommunications activities (from July 25, 2012)

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