October 23, 2007

Revision to New Competition Promotion Program 2010 and Release of New Competition Promotion Program 2010 Progress Report (Primary)

MIC released the New Competition Promotion Program 2010 on September 19, 2006 as a specific action plan to develop the environment for fair competition in the broadband market, and has since steadily promoted the program. Now that a year has passed since the program development, MIC compiled a program progress report in order to secure policy transparency and revised the program to respond appropriately to the rapid changes in the market environment.

In response to the "Agreement between the government and the ruling parties on regulatory frameworks for communications and broadcasting" (June 20, 2006), MIC developed the Process Program for the Reform of the Communications and Broadcasting Field (released on September 1, 2006). The program states that fair competition rules should be developed based on the final report from the Study Group on a Framework for Competition Rules to Address the Transition to IP-Based Networks (released on September 15, 2006) and be gradually implemented, starting from the rules that are decided.
MIC released the New Competition Promotion Program 2010 on September 19, 2006, as a roadmap for developing fair competition rules to be implemented in the telecommunications field by the early 2010s as well as a specific plan to implement the abovementioned process program.
MIC will continue to make proactive efforts for developing the sound competitive environment in the broadband market, based on the revised New Competition Promotion Program 2010.

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