December 12, 2007

Broadcasters Requested to Act Responsibly during Installation of Broadcasting Facilities on New Tower

MIC today requested six broadcasters who are planning to install radio facilities for digital terrestrial television broadcasting stations on a new tower to act responsibly in regard to the approach on impact such as radio interference caused by this installation.

Six broadcasters today reported to MIC that they will be installing radio facilities for digital terrestrial broadcasting stations (hereinafter referred to as "broadcasting facilities") on the tower that Shin-Tokyo Tower Co., Ltd. is planning to construct in Sumida Ward (hereinafter called "new tower").

Since some procedures based on the Radio Law are required to install such broadcasting facilities on the new tower, MIC will strictly examine the possibility of radio interference in accordance with the law, upon acceptance of the applications.

In regard to this, MIC issued guidance and requested that the broadcasters take a responsible approach to the necessary countermeasures against assumed influences if such broadcasting facilities are to be installed on the new tower and begin to operate after full transition to digital terrestrial television broadcasting in July of 2011, from the viewpoint of protecting receivers' benefits. In view of the scale of broadcasting facilities of this new parent station, the assumed influence includes radio interference with other radio stations, possible reception difficulties arising from the new buildings, and adjustments to the reception antenna direction.

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