December 28, 2007

Authorization of Changes to the Interconnection Tariffs concerning Category I Designated Telecommunications Facilities of NTT East

Addition of access charge of 24-hour maintenance service for shared access system
MIC today authorized the changes to the interconnection tariffs concerning Category I designated telecommunication facilities of Nippon Telegraph and Telephone East Corporation (NTT East) as per its application.

1. Background to the change
In regard to the maintenance service of its shared access system (1 Gbps), NTT East is to offer a new around-the-clock maintenance service, in addition to the existing two types of the service: weekday daytime and 7 days a week daytime. In conjunction with this addition, the interconnection tariffs will be changed pursuant to Article 33 paragraph 2 of the Telecommunications Business Law.

2. Other
This matter is deemed to be a minor matter that does not require consultation with the Telecommunications Council pursuant to the proviso in Article 169 of the Telecommunications Business Law.

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