Manual for Market Entry intoJapanese Telecommunications Business

As of May 2004 (Editedin October 2004)

(Unofficial Translation: theJapanese-language version shall prevail.)

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I. Outline of Telecommunications Business System

[Entry into Telecommunications Business]

II. Procedures for Telecommunications Business

II-1. Registration of Telecommunications Business
II-2. Notification of telecommunications business
II-3. Approval of telecommunications business
II-4. Relations between Registration/Notification and Approval

III. Radio Station License

IV. Tariffs Concerning Universal Telecommunications Services

IV-1. Notification of Establishment or Amendment of Tariffs Concerning Universal Telecommunications Services
IV-2. Posting, Etc. of Tariffs Concerning Universal Telecommunications Services

V. Business Agreements, Etc. with Foreign Governments, Etc.

VI. Technical Conditions, Etc.

VI-1. Self-Confirmation of Compliance of Telecommunications Facilities by Telecommunications Carriers
VI-2. Administrative Rules for Telecommunications Facilities for Telecommunications Business
VI-3. Appointment and Dismissal of Chief Telecommunications Engineers
VI-4. Technical Requirements for Connection of Terminal Facilities

VII. Application for Designation of Telecommunications Numbers of Telecommunications Carrier

VIII. Compliance with the Consumer Protection

IX. Contact Points

X. Reference Materials