Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications

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The internal organizations as of July 2008 are as follows:
Click each bureau to see its organization. Each bureau is linked to its web site, if any.

Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications
(Vice-Minister for Policy Coordination(International Affairs)
Global ICT Strategy Bureau
Director-General of the Global ICT Strategy Bureau
Director-General for International Affairs, Global ICT Strategy Bureau
ICT Strategy Policy Division
Technology Policy Division
Standardization Division
Space Communications Policy Division
International Policy Division
International Economic Affairs Division
International Cooperation Division
Information and Communications Bureau
Director-General of the Information and Communications Bureau
General Affairs Division
Promotion for Content Distribution Division
ICT Accessibility and Human Resources Development Division
Advanced Information Systems and Software Division
Regional Communications Development Division
Broadcasting Policy Division
Broadcasting Technology Division
Terrestrial Broadcasting Division
Satellite and International Broadcasting Division
Regional Broadcasting Division
Postal Services Policy Department
Director-General of the Postal Services Policy Department
Planning Division
Postal Policy Division
Savings and Insurance Services Division
Correspondence Delivery Business Division
Telecommunications Bureau
Director-General of the Telecommunications Bureau
General Affairs Division
Telecommunications Business Department
Director-General of the Telecommunications Business Department
Telecommunications Policy Division
Tariff and Telecommunications Access Policy Division
Computer Communications Division
Telecommunication Systems Division
Advanced Network Division
Telecommunications Consumer Policy Division
Radio Department
Director-General of the Radio Department
Radio Policy Division
Fixed Radio Communications Division
Land Mobile Communications Division
Mobile Satellite Communications Division
Electromagnetic Environment Division
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