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Press Release 2016 January

Results of Appeal for Opinions on Institutional Improvement Plan on Ministerial Ordinances, etc. for Protection of Telecommunications Users in Response to Partial Revision of the Regulations for Enforcement of the Telecommunications Business Act, etc. and Response from Information and Communications and Posts Administrative Council
Technical Requirements for Upgrading of 400 MHz Band Portable Radio Systems for Disaster Countermeasures
Results of First Japan-Germany ICT Policy Dialogue
Holding IoT Security Working Group of IoT Promotion Consortium
Holding Study Group on Utilization of Emergency Ad-hoc Communications Network
Accepting License Applications for V-Low Multimedia Terrestrial Basic Broadcasting for Mobile Equipment (in Tokai and Hokuriku Wide Area) and Holding Explanatory Meeting for Prospective Entrants
Holding Round-table Conference on Radio Policies 2020
Signing Memorandum of Understanding with Republic of Peru on Cooperation in ICT Sector
Appeal for Opinions on Draft Guidelines for Consumer Protection Rules for the Telecommunications Business Act
Appeal for Proposals on Subsidies for Projects to Support Radio System Dissemination (Projects to Support Solution of Bad Reception of Commercial Radio)
Appeal for Proposals on Subsidies for Local Public Networks, etc. Toughening Projects (Projects on Telecommunications Network Development)
Changes in FY2015 Request of Japan Broadcasting Corporation for Implementation of International Television Broadcasting
Nomination of Candidate Themes on FY2015 ICT Innovation Challenge Program (I-Challenge!)
Acceptance of License Applications for Complementary FM Relay Stations
Appeal for Opinions on Draft Notice on Partial Revisions to Provisions Specifying Documents Created by Electromagnetic Means and Methods to Prepare and Submit Created Documents in Accordance with Paragraph 1, Article 217 of the Regulations for Enforcement of the Broadcast Act
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