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Press Release 2016 March

Appeal for Opinions on Draft Report of Subcommittee for Upgrading Mobile Phones
Result of Appeal for Opinions on Draft Basic Plan on FY2016 R&D for Expansion of Radio Wave Resources along with Appeal for Proposals
Results of Fourth ICT Policy Dialogue with Singapore
State of Occurrence of Unauthorized Access and R&D of Technologies related to Access Control Functions
Approval of Certified Broadcasting Holding Company
Results of Appeal for Opinions on Institutional Development Plans on Ministerial Ordinances, etc. for Implementation of Practical Ultra-high Definition TV Broadcasts by Satellite Basic Broadcasting along with Inquiry to and Report Radio Regulatory Council about Part of Institutional Improvement Plan
Report from the Radio Regulatory Council on Approval to V-Low Multimedia Terrestrial Basic Broadcasting for Mobile Equipment (in Tokai and Hokuriku Wide Area)
Technical Requirements for Upgrading of Use of Radio Waves for Robots, etc.
Technical Requirements relating to Upgrading of Specified Low-power Radio Stations
Results of Appeal for Opinions on Draft Basic Plans for Biological Electromagnetic Environment Research and Evaluation Technology Research on Radio Wave Safety to be Conducted from FY2016 and Appeal for Research Proposals based on Finalized Basic Plans
Starting Data-utilized Urban Attractiveness Improvement Project
FY2016 Request for Implementation of International Broadcasting Addressed to Japan Broadcasting Corporation
Appeal for Proposals on Development Project on Disaster-prevention and Tourist Wi-Fi Stations and Environment Development Support Project on Public Wireless LANs
Aggregation and Provisional Calculation of Internet Traffic in Japan
Results of Seventh Director General-Level Meeting of the Japan-U.S. Policy Cooperation Dialogue on the Internet Economy
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