The national ICT strategies in Japan are evolving from “e” (electronics) toward “u” (ubiquitous).

A policy package with the following basic points will be promoted under the “u-Japan Policy”.

From Broadband to Ubiquitous
The first is the development of ubiquitous networks.
The goal of broadband infrastructure improvement which is set in “e-Japan Strategy” has been achieved.
The development of infrastructure in the past mainly centered on wired connections, ranging from narrowband to broadband such as DSL, cable networks, and fiber optics.
However, under “the u-Japan policy,” a seamless ubiquitous network environment will be created in which people can receive services without being conscious of the networks (wired or wireless).
MIC aims to prepare the seamless access environment in every scene, by organic cooperation between fixed networks and wireless networks, and between terminals and networks, or between authentication, data exchange and networks.
As a result, ICT environment that networks are integrated into all aspects of everyday life at the grassroots level is realized.

From e (electronics) toward u (ubiquitous).

From introducing ICT to resolution by ICT
The second is an enhancement of the ICT usage.
ICT usage in the past had emphasized pioneering informatization and supported the fields where the informatization had not been developed.
Now, the “u-Japan Policy” focuses on resolving various social problems such as the falling birthrate and the aging population.
As a result, people will realize that ICT is a tangible and helpful tool to resolve various social issues.

Upgrading enabling environment
The third is improving the user environment.
As ICT has penetrated deeply into people's lives, worries and disturbances over privacy and information security that are emerging in cyber society have increased.
In order to prevent such problems , so-called “negative aspects of ICT”, it is necessary to upgrade enabling environment and to take comprehensive and concrete measures.

By developing policies in line with these three basic points, the u-Japan Policy aim to realize a value-creation oriented society in which ICT penetrates deeply into people's lives, and new values emerge one after another through creative ICT usage.


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