ASEAN Smart Network Initiative


The “ASEAN Smart Network Initiative” is a initiative of Japanese collaboration and cooperation in the ICT field to contribute to developing the broadband network covering ASEAN countries. Targeting 2015, the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications (MIC) will contribute to enhancing the connectivity of ASEAN countries and to solving the social issues in ASEAN countries by developing broadband in each ASEAN country and between ASEAN countries, spreading advanced applications to promote active broadband use and developing human resources.

It is vital to create an environment to share and exchange information easily in order to reinforce their cohesiveness in the field of not only economics, but also social, cultural, and various other fields. However, sometimes the promotion of information interchange and intercommunication is stymied by data convergence on the lines between ASEAN countries and the differentiated network development within its area.

Percentage of Individual Using the Internet

Percentage of Individual Using the Internet graph
Source: ITU Statistics(2012)