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May 22, 2019

Decision on Grating Subsidy to FY2019 ICT Innovation Creation Challenge Program (I-Challenge!)

The Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications (MIC) made a grant decision on May 21 for two technology development themes that MIC adopted as a result of a public appeal of fiscal 2018 for the ICT Innovation Creation Challenge Program (I-Challenge!) to support innovative companies and venture companies with innovative technology seeds and ideas to work on the creation of new projects.
The technical development themes for which MIC decided to support this time are: (1) The development of a monitoring system that collects prenatal birth and labor precipitous objectively by collecting biological information of the mother’s womb from a sheet-like IoT sensor and analyzing them on a cloud and (2) The development of an algorithm that enables the constant measurement of Using proprietary wearable terminals, we are developing an algorithm that enables constant measurement of blood pressure, which contributes to healthy life prolongation.

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