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May 29, 2020

Results of FY2018 Rate Survey on Broadband Infrastructure Development

  The Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications (MIC) conducts a rate survey on broadband infrastructure development every year to further spread and develop information and communications infrastructure in the future.
  Recently, MIC compiled the survey results of the development rate of optical fibers at each household (per municipality) at the end of fiscal 2018, and MIC has decided to open the results to the public.

1. Rate survey on broadband infrastructure development
    MIC surveyed telecommunications carriers providing broadband services to general subscribers with their equipment, as well as telecommunications
   carriers borrowing facilities provided by local governments under IRU contracts to provide services in their broadband service areas. The Ministry of
   Internal Affairs and Communications (MIC) obtained the results from the estimated number of target households in the area divided by the total
   number of households (rounding down to the second decimal place) based on information from the telecommunications carriers and the Basic
   Resident Register of each area.
   Note: MIC’s estimation was based on certain assumptions from information from telecommunications carriers, and it should be kept in mind that
            errors may be included. Furthermore, the actual provision status may vary depending on the geographical conditions of each provision area and
            the facility condition of each building.

2. Survey reference date
    March 31, 2019

3. Method for obtaining references
    Reference information will be available for viewing and obtaining copies at the MIC’s Broadband Development Office, Telecommunications Policy 
  Division, Telecommunications Business Department, Telecommunications Bureau (Central Gov’t Building No. 2 10F).

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