November 30, 2004

Ministry of Internal Affairs and

MIC announces areas for analog frequency conversion in December for the start of terrestrial digital broadcasting

The MIC has announced the areas, as shown below, that will start frequency conversion in December.

The frequency conversion, which started in February 2003, has been completed in 268 areas as of the end of November 2004. In terms of households, about 1.82 million households (about 43% of the total) have had the conversion completed. The process is currently moving ahead smoothly according to plan.

From December, work will start in Miyazaki Prefecture.

Areas for analog frequency conversion in December (15 areas, about 12,000 households):
Tohoku: 1 area in 1 prefecture
Chugoku: 3 areas in 2 prefectures
Kyushu: 11 areas in 4 prefectures

Status of progress to date in reception measures:
Hokkaido: Start of measures in 1 area, measures for about 18,000 households completed
Tohoku: Start of measures in 2 areas, measures for about 5,000 households completed
Kanto: Start of measures in 74 areas, measures for about 981,000 households completed
Shinetsu: Start of measures in 8 areas, measures for about 3,300 households completed
Hokuriku: Start of measures in 5 areas, measures for about 25,000 households completed
Tokai: Start of measures in 24 areas, measures for about 92,000 households completed
Kinki: Start of measures in 54 areas, measures for about 558,000 households completed
Chugoku: Start of measures in 30 areas, measures for about 59,000 households completed
Shikoku: Start of measures in 30 areas, measures for about 51,000 households completed
Kyushu: Start of measures in 40 areas, measures for about 28,000 households completed

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