January 27, 2005

Ministry of Internal Affairs and

MIC to implement Spam Elimination Support Project

The MIC will launch the Spam Elimination Support Project, from early February 2005, in order to stimulate voluntary spam countermeasures by the private sector.

Detailed Contents:
(1) Monitoring equipment set up at the Japan Data Communications Association will be used
(2) The MIC will verify the legality of promotional and advertising mail that is thought to come from the identical spammer, received by this monitoring equipment
(3) An originating provider will be pinpointed by analyzing the header information obtained from the mobile phone operators
(4) The information concerning illegal mailings will be sent to the provider
(5) Measures (usage termination, warnings etc.) will be prompted based on the terms of the contracts

Planned Schedule:
Early February: Start of test operations
Early April: Start of full-scale operations

NB: These measures are planned to be implemented in cooperation with the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) which has jurisdiction over the Specified Commercial Transactions Law

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