August 11, 2006

Release of "Next-Generation Broadband Strategy 2010" and Results of Public Comment Thereon

On August 11, 2006, MIC developed the "Next-Generation Broadband Strategy 2010" for mapping out a strategy to prepare broadband infrastructure by FY2010. Prior to the compilation, MIC invited public comments thereon during the period from June 27 through July 27, 2006. During said period, MIC received 44 comments thereon. Taking into account public comments, in line with the Broadband Strategy 2010, MIC will actively promote nationwide deployment of broadband platforms.
The "Next-Generation Broadband Strategy 2010" and public comments thereon sent to MIC are available at the following websites:

Under the "u-Japan Policy" (December 2004, announced by MIC), and the "New IT Reform Strategy" (decided by the IT Strategic Headquarters in January 2006), goals for preparing broadband platforms by the target year 2010 have been set forth.
In accordance with the goals, MIC has developed the "Next-Generation Broadband Strategy 2010 (Draft)" for setting forth i) goals to be accomplished by FY2010, including elimination of areas without broadband platforms, ii) basic concepts required upon preparation, including those for a roadmap, iii) each role to be played by the public and private sectors, and iv) a promotion scheme by stakeholders.
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