Chapter 3     Trends in Info-communications Policy
1. Major Policies for an Advanced Info-communications Society
2. Promoting Info-communications Reform
3. The Info-communications Network Infrastructure
4. Promoting Research and Development
5. Laying the Groundwork for Advanced Info-communications
6. Advances in Public Sector Info-communications
7. Measures for Globalization
8. New Postal Services and Uses for the Postal Network
Chapter 2     Info-communications in Japan
1. The Info-communications Industry
2. The Telecommunications and Broadcasting Industries
3. Info-communications Networks
4. Telecommunications Services
5. Broadcasting Services
6. Postal Services
7. Telecommunications Tariffs and Fees
8. Technology
9. Advancing Info-communications Technology
10. Information Flow
11. Trends Abroad
Chapter 1    IT in the 21st Century:
    The Expanding Internet and Mobile Telecommunications Frontiers
Issues in the 21st Century
1. Info-communications in the 21st Century
2. Global Trends
3. User Trends
4. Business in the 21st Century
5. Life in the 21st Century
6. Info-communications Policy Directions for the 21st Century
7. Issues in Info-communications
Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications Japan
White Paper