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Note: For the purposes of this Ordinance, the following rules of construction shall apply: Except as otherwise clearly indicated by the context:
1. Any word used in the present tense includes the future tense, unless otherwise expressly indicated;
2. Any word used in the singular number includes the plural number, and the plural number includes the singular number, unless otherwise expressly indicated; and
3. Any word used in the male gender includes the female gender, unless otherwise expressly indicated.

Regulations for Enforcement of the Telecommunications Business Law
(Ministerial Ordinance of the Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications No. 25 of April 1, 1985)

[As amended last by Ministerial Ordinance of the Ministry of Public Management, Home Affairs, Posts and Telecommunications No. 163 of December 11, 2001]

Chapter I. General Provisions

Article 1.

Except as may be otherwise provided, these Regulations have a specific purpose of establishing particulars involved for enforcing provisions of the Telecommunications Business Law (Law No. 86 of 1984; hereinafter referred to as "the Law") and also particulars based on delegation of the Law.

Article 2.
The terms used in this ministerial ordinance shall be dealt with as used in the Law.