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This site provides the latest data of statistical surveys conducted by the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, as well as brief information on the trends of the telecommunications section, broadcasting section, and communications usage.


Press Release

This page places press release documents (abstract only) that have been accumulated since 2001.

News Letter

Measures and policies, reports from study groups, statistical data, results of international conferences and similar information in the field of Information, Communication and Global ICT infrastructure development, including press releases, concerning Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications (MIC) are delivered through e-mail and published on this page.


The Information and Communications in Japan has been published annually by the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications for the purpose of making the Japanese public aware of the current status and trend of telecommunications policies in Japan since 1973.

Presentation Materials

This page introduces presentation materials on our policies in the following categories ´╝ÜCompetition Policy, Radio Policy, International Policy, Broadcasting Policy, Technology Policy, Ubiquitous Policy.



This site shows laws related to telecommunications as a list under jurisdiction of The Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications.

Regulatory Guidance

This booklet summarizes the procedures required for entry into the field of Japanese telecommunications businesses.



This page shows the internal organizations chart of Telecommunication-related departments of MIC.

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