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Note: For the purposes of this Law, the following rules of construction shall be applied: Except as otherwise clearly indicated by the context:

1. Any word used in the present tense includes the future tense, unless otherwise expressly indicated;
2. Any word used in the singular number includes the plural number, and the plural number includes the singular number, unless otherwise expressly indicated; and
3. Any word used in the male gender includes the female gender, unless otherwise expressly indicated.
4. With respect to effective dates of the provisions, please refer to the relevant provisions of the Supplementary Provisions.
5. Unless otherwise expressly indicated, the term "the Minister" means "the Minister for Internal Affairs and Communications".
6. Unless otherwise expressly indicated, the term "the MIC" means "the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications".

Telecommunications BusinessLaw (Law No. 86 of December 25, 1984)

As amended last by: Law No. 125 of July 24, 2003



Chapter I. General Provisions(Article 1 through Article 5)

Chapter II.  Telecommunications Business

Section 1. General Provisions (Article6 through Article 8)
Section 2. Registration, Etc. of Business (Article9 through Article 18)
Section 3. Business Activities (Article 19 throughArticle 40)
Section 4. Telecommunications Facilities
Sub-Section 1) Telecommunications Facilitiesfor Use of Telecommunications Business (Article 41 through Article 51)
Sub-Section 2) Connection, Etc. of Terminal Facilities(Article 52 through Article 73)
Section 5. Designated Examination Agency, Etc.
Sub-Section 1) Designated ExaminationAgency (Article 74 through Article 85)
Sub-Section 2) Registered Approval Agency (Article86 through Article 103)
Sub-Section 3) Recognized Approval Body (Article104 and Article 105)
Section 6. Universal Telecommunications Service SupportInstitution (Article 106 through Article 116)

Chapter III. Use of the Land, Etc.

Section 1. Approval of Business (Article117 through Article 127)
Section 2. Use of Land (Article 128 through Article143)
Chapter IV. Telecommunications Business Dispute SettlementCommission
Section 1. Establishment and Organization(Article 144 through Article 153)
Section 2. Mediation and Arbitration (Article154 through Article 159)
Section 3. Inquiry, Etc. (Article 160 throughArticle 162)
Chapter V. Miscellaneous Provisions (Article 163 throughArticle 176)

Chapter VI. Penal Provisions (Article 177 throughArticle 193)

Supplementary Provisions


Table No. 1 (related to Article 87, Article91)
Table No. 2 (related to Article 87)