Guidance on the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications

Our Mission is to Develop a Grand Design for Japan in the 21st Century

The Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications (MIC) has jurisdiction over various systems involved in the fundamental framework of the nation, including administrative organizations, the public service personnel system, local administration and finance, electoral systems, fire fighting and disaster prevention, information and communications, postal services, and other systems fundamental to the people's economic and social activities.
The MIC's administrative functions are closely involved in the infrastructure of people's lives.
In today's severe domestic and foreign environment, the MIC is striving to promote the reform of the socio-economic system and to build and install a new foundation for development in order to shape the nation for the 21st century. For this purpose, the MIC is committed to promoting administrative reforms, disclosing administrative information, advancing regional decentralization, ensuring stable sources of local tax, promoting municipal mergers, activating regional economies, securing people's safety, and building increasingly sophisticated systems for information and communications. All this would be done by adequately segregating the duties of the national government, local governments, and the private sector.

Internal Organizations