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The Commission
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The Commission Summary

The Telecommunications Dispute Settlement Commission, as a special agency for prompt and fair settlement of disputes, undertakes to settle disputes between telecommunication carriers, terrestrial television broadcasters, cable television operators, etc.

The Commission performs three main duties as follows:

Mediation / arbitration 
Conducting mediation or arbitration of disputes between telecommunications carriers regarding interconnection issues, etc. 
Deliberation / Reporting on inquiries 
Submitting reports after deliberation on inquiries received from the Minister for Internal Affairs and Communications during administrative proceedings conducted by the Minister such as (1) orders for negotiation regarding interconnection agreements of telecommunications facilities and (2) awards on digital terrestrial TV rebroadcasting consent, etc. 
Making the necessary recommendations relating to improvement of competition rules to the Minister for Internal Affairs and Communications, and in addition, deliberation and reporting on inquiries, mediation or arbitration 
The Secretariat has established a counseling center to respond to consultations on conflicts between carriers, etc.