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Organisation of the Commission and the Secretariat

The Telecommunications Dispute Settlement Commission was established on November 30, 2001 as a specialized organization dedicated to settling disputes between telecommunications carriers promptly and fairly.

Telecommunications Dispute Settlement Commission 
5 Commissioners (part-time/3-year term) 
Appointed by the minister with the consent of the House of Representatives and the House of Councillors of the Diet, Japan 

8 Members  (part-time/2-year term) 
Appointed by the minister 

*In securing its expertise and neutrality in dispute settlement, the secretariat is independent of the Telecommunications Bureau and the Information and Communications Bureau, which supervise the telecommunications business and broadcasting business respectively.


Name present occupation
Attorney at Law
MIO Mieko
(Acting Chairperson)
Attorney at Law
OGAWA Kayo Professor, Department of Mathematics, Physics and Computer Science, Japan Women's University
KOZUKA Soichiro Professor, Faculty of Law, Gakusyuin University
NAKAJO Yusuke Vice President and Trustee, Yokohama City University
(As of December 2022)


Name present occupation
AOYAGI Yuka Professor, Faculty of Law, Hosei University
OTAKA Satoru Professor, Faculty of International Social Sciences,YOKOHAMA National University
OHASHI Hiroshi Faculty of Economics and Graduate School of Public Policy, Professor and Vice President, the University of Tokyo
SANADA Yukitoshi Professor, Department of Electronics and Electrical Engineering, Faculty of Science and Technology, Keio University
SHIRAYAMA Shinichi Certified Public Accountant
Professor, Department of International Business, Faculty of Management Information, Jobu University
SUGIYAMA Etsuko Professor, Graduate School of Law, Faculty of Law, Hitotsubashi University
YAIRI Ikuko Professor, Department of Information and Communication Sciences, Faculty of Science and Technology, Sophia University
YOSHIBA Hiroko Attorney at Law
(As of April 2023)