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u-Japan Policy Package (1): Development of Ubiquitous Networks

Communications networks have evolved up until now mainly in the form of fixed broadband networks. But, now the aim is to prepare and enhance the communications environment so that anyone, anywhere at anytime will be able to access easily anything, in order to obtain information over both fixed and wireless networks without really be concerned which they are using.

u-Japan Policy Package
1. Development of Ubiquitous Networks
2. Advanced Usage of ICT
3. Upgrading Enabling Environment
Establishing Seamless Ubiquitous Networks

The “Digital Divide” that now separates urban and outlying areas will be eliminated, forming a seamless access infrastructure.

In addition, home appliances, vegetables, and medical products and other such items which until now were never associated with communications networks will become parts of networks with the development of information appliances, RFID tags, and sensor networks.

In order to be able to use these networks effectively, a wide variety of administrative bodies and services must be interconnected. This will require the development of platforms for electronic authentication, charging, and settlement..

The overall objective is to create a society where all the people in Japan will be able to enjoy access to high-speed or ultra-high speed networks.

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