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u-Japan Policy Package (3): Upgrading Enabling Environment

As networks spread to every aspect of society, not all will result in good. Many new issues will surface.

For example, concerns will probably increase with regard to personal privacy, data security, and network problems.

u-Japan Policy Package
1. Development of Ubiquitous Networks
2. Advanced Usage of ICT
3. Upgrading Enabling Environment
Upgrading Enabling Environment

To alleviate these concerns, there must be drastic improvements made to the usage environment of ICT and necessary programs and countermeasures must be in place.

We will promote the ITC safety and security 21 strategies that demand priority. We must also establish a "Ubiquitous Network Society Charter" that lays out the fundamental rules regarding the Ubiquitous Network Society, and promote it to the world.

These approaches are aimed at creating a environment where at least 80% of the population in Japan feel totally safe and secure in using information communications.

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