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u-Japan Policy Package (2): Advanced Usage of ICT

Expectations are high that ICT will be used actively and prove to be an effective tool in our daily lives and economic activities to solve the various issues society faces.

To make this possible, certain aspects of our social system must change in order to make it easier for ICT to be applied, such as modifying systems, customs, and habits that may not readily accommodate ICT.

u-Japan Policy Package
1. Development of Ubiquitous Networks
2. Advanced Usage of ICT
3. Upgrading Enabling Environment
ICT usage to resolve new issues to overcome

In addition, the content that ICT will provide will become extremely vital. We will have to produce a steady supply of attractive content and create mechanisms so it can be easily utilized at anytime.

Also, every member of society, including the elderly and disabled, must be able to utilize ICT with ease. We will promote the adoption of "universal design" and aid the development of people well versed in ICT

The aim is to have 80% of the population in Japan by 2010 believe that ICT is useful in solving issues.

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