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Structure  of the “u-Japan Policy Package”

The Network Policy encompasses three directions.

The first reflects the fact that ICT will permeate all aspects of our daily lives at the grassroots level. To achieve this, we must "develop ubiquitous networks so they can integrate fixed networks and wireless networks into a 'seamless access environment.'"

The second direction is based on the expectation that ICT will foster the development of solutions to the social issues that have become problems in our everyday life. Therefore, we shall have to “achieve advanced usage of ICT,” so that it can be applied to a variety of fields.

Finally, the third direction echoes the necessity for the Ubiquitous Network Society to create an environment where anyone can use Information Communications Technology with complete assurance. Thus, “we must conduct upgrading of the enabling environment” in order to address concerns, such as the promotion of privacy and security.

u-Japan Policy Package
1. Development of Ubiquitous Networks
2. Advanced Usage of ICT
3. Upgrading Enabling Environment
Development of Ubiquitous Networks Advance Usage of ICT Upgrading Enabling Environment
International and Technology Strategies

The “u-Japan Policy Package” has established concrete objectives to be met by 2010 in order to adhere to these three directions.

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