Incorporated Public Entities

The AMB is responsible for managing the system of Incorporated Administrative Agencies (IAAs), which were established so that the government can outsource some of its policy implementing functions to increase efficiency and sustainability.

Separated from the planning function of policy, IAAs are established as agencies which cover policy implementation function with corporate status distinct from the national government with the goal of providing government services efficiently in response to public needs(as of April 1, 2018 there were 87 IAAs).

The AMB oversees the planning and drafting of shared system related to IAAs, and performs review when new agencies are established and in similar cases. What is more, as a result of reform to IAA system, revisions to the Act on General Rules for Incorporated Administrative Agencies were enacted in June 2014, and a new objective management system for IAAs was adopted starting from April 2015 (see figure below).

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