Office Reform
How to create great workplace

“Office reform” was our response to the recent trend of new work style: by introducing team-based “free address” and going paperless, we succeeded in increasing overall efficiency, cutting overtime work by 20%, and reaching 90% employee satisfaction.


Diversification of the workforce and change in social values (i.e. from “work-centered life” to “work-life balance”) caused a need for new working style that accepts diversity while maintaining efficiency and productivity. However, it was difficult to meet such needs with the traditional office in the public sector. This is where “office reform (workplace reform) ” comes in.

Our office before reform

What we did

Before After
Cluttered office
spaceDistance between bosses, subordinates and colleagues
Team-based “free address office” (i.e. no assigned seats)
Stacks of documents on each desk (blocking the view) Going paperless to abolish stacks of documents
Wired LAN (Ethernet) Wireless LAN

Our office after reform


By implementing such reform, we were able to stimulate communication between employees, bringing about positive change in the process of work. According to the survey we have conducted among employees, over 60% responded that they now “decide on the brief principals for the project before starting operation” which accordingly “reduce reworking.” These changes led to decreasing overtime work by 20% and making 90% of the employees comfortable.

Data on the effects of the reform

90% employees comfortable Halved use of paper 3times more space for discussion 4times more teleworkers Decreased overtime work by 20%

More than 2600 visitors from other ministries, local government, agencies, and firms have seen our office.