September 25, 2015 Consultation with the Information and Communications Council concerning “New Information and Communications Policy to IoT/ Big Data Era”

The Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications has today consulted the Information and Communications Council (Acting chairman: Susumu Ito, Professor at Faculty of Science and Technology, Tokyo University of Science) concerning “new information and communications policy to IoT/ Big Data era.” Summary is as follows.

1.Reason for consultation

Environments have been drastically changing from the era of ICT where development of information and communications promoted digitization of various procedures and improvement of service efficiency to the era of IoT/ Big Data where everything is connected with networks generating enormous amounts of diversified data and use of such data creates completely new values and services. In short, successful use of data has become of decisive importance not only in enhancing international competitiveness and solving social problems but also in improving productivity and creating jobs through investments in growing sectors.
Therefore, issues concerning effective use of collected IoT/ Big Data need to be solved, such as making data open, response to security and privacy concerns including data ownership, and an improved environment for equal participation of various market players.
Furthermore, from the aspect of promoting further use, new infrastructures for information and communications including advanced wireless infrastructures, strategic prioritization of technology and authentication rules need to be created while developing international strategies such as standardization and establishment of rules for use of those aforementioned.
Based on the above, the consultation has been made to the Information and Communications Council for comprehensive study on the information and communications policy of our country looking toward the IoT/ Big Data era.

  • *
    In this study, the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications cooperates with related ministries including the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.

2. Items expected to be reported

  • 1.
    Policy to achieve management innovations and social change by IoT/ Big Data
  • 2.
    Information and communications infrastructures improvements to support IoT/ Big Data
  • 3.
    International cooperation in accordance with the IoT/ Big Data era
  • 4.
    Other items which would be necessary

3. Expected report submission

Expected in June 2016
Expected to receive interim reports in December 2015 and March 2016)

4. System for deliberation

In the information and Communications Council meeting held today, it has been determined that the inquiry will be referred to the Information and Communications Policy Committee for deliberation.

New Information and Communications Policy for IoT/Big Data Era PDF


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