January 13, 2016 Nomination of Candidate Themes on FY2015 ICT Innovation Challenge Program (I-Challenge!)

The Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications (MIC) hereby announces that it has selected the following candidate themes on the ICT Innovation Creation Challenge Program (I-Challenge!).

1. Content of Selection

MIC has selected the following two candidate themes. MIC is planning to make a final decision after confirming that the content of the proposal can be implemented without any hindrance.


Proposed theme: IoT Support Tool Development to Achieve Less Difficult Nursing Care

Research and development organization: Z-Works inc.

Commercialization support organization: KSP Co., Ltd.


Proposed theme: Development of ICT Smart Grid Transmission Equipment based on High-power Equipment to Distribute Power with Identity Numbers Added.

esearch and development organization: Toyonakakeisou Co LTD

Commercialization support organization: Industrial Growth Platform, Inc.


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