January 15, 2016 Signing Memorandum of Understanding with Republic of Peru on Cooperation in ICT Sector

The Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications (MIC) dispatched a public-private joint mission in the field of ICT including digital terrestrial broadcasting technology digital terrestrial broadcasting ICT public-private joint mission (headed by Yasuo Sakamoto, Vice-Minister for Policy Coordination) to the Republic of Peru for two days from January 14 through 15, 2016. During the period, MIC and the Ministry of Transport and Communications of the Republic of Peru jointly held a digital terrestrial ICT international seminar. Peru adopted the Japanese terrestrial digital TV broadcasting system (called the ISDB-T system) in 2009, and both countries have a cooperative relationship in the digital terrestrial field. On completion of the seminar, Japan and Peru signed a memorandum of agreement (signed by Yasuo Sakamoto, Vice-Minister for Policy Coordination, and Jose David Gallardo Ku, Minister of Transport and Communications of Peru).


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