March 23, 2016 Results of Appeal for Opinions on Institutional Development Plans on Ministerial Ordinances, etc. for Implementation of Practical Ultra-high Definition TV Broadcasts by Satellite Basic Broadcasting along with Inquiry to and Report Radio Regulatory Council about Part of Institutional Improvement Plan

The Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications (MIC) prepared an institutional improvement plan on Ministerial Ordinances and relevant regulations for the implementation of practical ultra-high definition TV broadcasts by satellite broadcasts. In this connection, MIC made an appeal for opinions on the draft from Saturday, January 30, through Monday, February 29, and received 23 opinions in response to the appeal, and MIC has decided to announce the opinions and MIC’s comments on the opinions.
With consideration of the results of the appeal for opinions, the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications (MIC) submitted today an inquiry to the Radio Regulatory Council (Chaired by Tadaaki Maeda, Advisor to Tokyo Gas Co., Ltd.) on a part of the institutional improvement plan. The MIC received by return a report from the Radio Regulatory Council stating its approval as inquired.
In accordance with the results of the appeal for opinions and the report from the Radio Regulatory Council, MIC will make institutional improvements promptly.


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