April 11, 2016 Approval for Change of Interconnection Tariff relating to Category I Designated Telecommunications Facilities of NTT East and NTT West (Revision of Interconnection Charges, etc. for FY2016 based on Long-run Incremental Cost Model)

Approval for Applications for Amendment based on a Report from the Information and Communications and Posts Administrative Council

The Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications (MIC) has today approved applications submitted by Nippon Telegraph and Telephone East Corporation and Nippon Telegraph and Telephone West Corporation (NTT East and West). These applications were for the change of the interconnection tariff relating to category I designated telecommunications facilities (the revision of interconnection charges for fiscal 2016 based on a long-run incremental cost model).
The applications were revisions to ones submitted by NTT East and West earlier, for which a report (March 31, 2015) from the Information and Communications and Posts Administrative Council concluded that it would be appropriate to approve the applications subject to recalculations of interconnection charges made by NTT East and West based on the report. Accordingly, NTT East and West made recalculations and submitted the applications with amendments made.


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