April 13, 2016 Appeal for Participating Organizations in Initial Screening of Proposals on FY2016 ICT Innovation Creation Challenge Program (I-Challenge!)

The Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications (MIC) has decided to make an appeal for participating organizations in the initial screening of proposals on the ICT Innovation Creation Challenge Program (I-Challenge!).
MIC has been implementing I-Challenge! as a bridge to commercialize excellent technologies and ideas owned by organizations including venture companies.
This project aims to contribute to the creation of new types of business by utilizing the private sector’s commercialization know-how, advancing business development support and research and development support in an integrated matter, and supporting the actualization of development and research results toward the creation of innovations in the ICT field.
Prior to the implementation of the fiscal 2016 I-Challenge!, MIC has decided to make an appeal for entities willing to participate in the Initial Screening Committee to examine proposals made by organizations including venture companies that have excellent technologies and ideas and make efforts toward the creation of new types of business. All participating entities such as venture capitals are expected to have the intention and expertize to support the commercialization of proposals to be examined. MIC will make an appeal for fiscal 2016 technology development themes separately from this appeal.


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