July 18, 2019 Starting Acceptance of Applications for FY2019 Project to Dispatch Telework Managers and Holding MIC’s Telework Work-style Reform Seminar (Telework to Change Work Styles)

The Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications has been implementing a project to dispatch specialists who have knowledge and know-how on telework to enterprises, associations, local public organizations, etc. that consider the introduction of telework using information and communications technology (ICT).
This project aims to develop human resources playing core roles in the telework-employed initiatives of enterprises etc. while providing such enterprises etc. with advice, proposals, and information to promote the introduction of telework, thus contributing to management efficiency improvements in the enterprises, etc. and their employees’ flexible working and work-life balance.
MIC has decided to make a public appeal for enterprises etc. that request the dispatch of specialists for fiscal 2019.
Furthermore, MIC has decided to hold a telework work-style reform seminar (Telework to Change Work Styles) for fiscal 2019.


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