October 9, 2020 Appeal for Surveyors on International Standardization Trends in the Field of Wireless Use and an Organization Promoting an International Standardization Meeting in Japan

The Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications (MIC) will make an appeal for surveyors on international standardization trends in the field of wireless use and an organization to promote international standardization meetings through a contractor as specified below.

1. Background

International standardization has an important role in ensuring the interconnectivity of communications devices and networks by unifying standards related to networks and services, creating a global market, and strengthening international competitiveness. Furthermore, international standardization activities at various private-sector-led forums are becoming active in addition to de jure standardization organizations, such as the ITU. It is an important issue to strategically promote international standardization while appropriately grasping the trends of standardization.

Considering the situation, MIC decided to appeal for surveyors and an organization through a contractor from today. Surveyors should be involved in standardization activities at standardization-related meetings of international standardization organizations and associations in the field of wireless use in 2020 (e.g., those who lead international standardization, implement international standardization proposals, or survey the formulation of standardization strategies). An organization should be an entity that conducts activities to hold international standardization meetings (limited to those in the field of wireless use) in Japan to contribute to the reinforcement of the foundation and improvements in the presence of Japan’s standardization activities.

2. Details of appeal

MIC will make this appeal for surveyors and an organization through a contractor of communications and coordination work on the international standardization of wireless technology under the fiscal 2020 budget (Contractor: Association of Radio Industries and Businesses Open a new window).


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