October 28, 2020 Overview of Complaint and Consultation Cases over Telecommunications Services in FY2019

The Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications (MIC) accepts complaints. Then MIC provides consultation over telecommunications services through its website and at the Telecommunications Consumer Consultation Centers and each Regional Bureau of Telecommunications (the Okinawa Office of Telecommunications in the case of Okinawa).
MIC has recently released a report on complaint and consultation cases accepted in fiscal 2019 and summarized case examples based on the complaint and consultation cases to prevent people from trouble in telecommunications services.

1. Number of complaints in 2019

MIC accepted 15,971 complaints about telecommunications services in fiscal 2019.

2. Announcement of case examples

In addition to MIC, consumer service centers nationwide received complaints about telecommunications services. Therefore, MIC has summarized specific consultation cases and countermeasures to prevent troubles in telecommunications services.
To prevent troubles, it is essential to carefully check the contract details and the conditions of use when entering contracts.
MIC has been working to enhance and strengthen consumer protection rules under the Telecommunications Business Act through successive revisions. MIC will continue making efforts to protect users’ interests while ensuring that consumers can use telecommunications services with peace of mind by thoroughly implementing consumer protection rules.

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